The next-generation
recommendation engine

LUB uses machine learning with a human touch to deliver personalized recommendations - powered by you and people with tastes similar to you.

Everyone is different.
Get the opinions that matter to you.

People trust online opinions now more than ever before. Unfortunately, online opinions can be misleading - offering crowd-sourced, socially biased, inflated average ratings that include opinions of people dissimilar to you.

LUB cuts through the white noise to serve up opinions from people with tastes similar to you.

I like it! But but how does LUB learn about my tastes?

Likes and dislikes,
We want to know them all.

Share your opinion with LUB – whether it be a restaurant, a bar, a spa, a gym or more. Let LUB know how you feel about your experiences and LUB will learn your tastes and preferences.

The more LUB learns your taste profile, the better it will be at helping you the next time you are looking for a new spot for drinks with friends!

Intriguing. So, what does LUB do once it knows my taste profile?

Smart recommendations.

LUB uses data science to make predictions on how you might feel about a new experience. It does this by learning your tastes alongside the tastes of people like you to deliver personalized recommendations.

Got it. So is LUB just a food and drink recommendation app?

LUB is a universal
opinion platform
with infinite possibilities.

LUB continues to evolve with every opinion you leave. As it gets to know you better, it also gains a better understanding of everyone using the app.

Fresh questions are delivered regularly, guaranteeing that LUB won't lose track of what you like, or put you in a rut. As the community around LUB grows, everyone benefits from eachother's opinions.

Sounds good. How do I try LUB out?